Look no further than The Academy for a modern twist on a traditional martial arts system.


Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or new to the system, our skilled instructors will aid you in improving your quality of life through private and group instruction.


Adults at The Academy find themselves immersed in a dedicated network of fellow martial artists committed to fitness of mind, body and spirit. Versatile classes are designed to build stamina and strength through a blended martial arts system. Whether your goal is to learn practical self-defense techniques, workout, or earn the coveted black belt rank, The Academy has something for you.


Benefits to training include: 

-      Enhanced flexibility and stamina 

-      An increased sense of well-being

-      Increased confidence 

-      Skills in self defense


MIND: Clarity of thought and integrity of action


BODY: flexibility, stamina, strength - functional strength


SPIRIT: Confidence to defend oneself and loved ones, an increased sense of well being.

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The Academy

780 Smithridge Dr Ste 200, Reno, NV 89502