Students at The Academy build lasting and meaningful bonds among fellow students based on mutual respect. You’ll find more than just friends here. You’ll find a new family. Join our family today!

Flexibility and Stamina

With regular class attendance, students at The Academy have found an increase in functional movement, flexibility, and overall stamina. Skip the hassle of a regular gym or traditional workout program and come try our program today!

Increased Confidence

Studies have shown that practicing Martial Arts increases confidence! This is especially important in today’s society to prevent harassment and bullying. Practicing Marital Arts gives you the confidence to defend yourself, achieve your goals, perform under pressure, and socialize with individuals who share your determination.


At The Academy we teach Self-Defense first. All programs and classes are designed to teach skills necessary in the defense of oneself or a loved one. Train at The Academy and be confident in your abilities.


We love what we do and who we do it with! Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or new to the system, our skilled instructors will make you feel at home. Come try a free class and see why everyone enjoys The Academy!

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The Academy

780 Smithridge Dr Ste 200, Reno, NV 89502